Saturday, October 24, 2009

Movie Capsule Reviews: Cinemanila 2009 Part 2

Capsule reviews of Cinemanila 2009 films Part 2.

stars: Ondas Besikbasov, Samal Esljamova, Askhat Kuchencherekov
“Tulpan” is the first narrative feature from director Sergey Dvortsevoy and chronicles a young shepherd’s quest to marry the only available woman on a deserted steppe of southern Kazakhstan. The film astonishes as it captures a realistic picture of Kazakh life – the barren landscape, its nomadic inhabitants and the interdependence of humans and animals. Its simplicity will leave you astonished. At the heart of the movie lies a truly resonant message about following your dreams. However be forewarned: there is a very graphic scene of the birthing of a lamb that you will find both hypnotic and appalling.

Verdict: 3 stars

stars: Francis Bosco, Jathisweran

After sitting through this tired father-son drama, I have an urge to go to the cinema counter and demand that they give me the last two hours of my life back. Excrucicating. The movie drips with melodramatic clich├ęs that would make a “Maalaala Mo Kaya” episode look subdued. The paper-thin story follows a single father taking solace in the bottle as he makes a comeback as a magician. Nothing that we haven’t seen before in “The Wrestler” and without the care and depth. I’ll give this crapper 20 yawns.

Verdict: 1 star

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  1. The first movie look interesting! I want to watch!


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