Friday, December 25, 2009

My La Vie Boheme Moment

What's your La Vie Boheme moment?

My La Vie Boheme moment happened back in 2007 after I quit my job and literally lived a "bohemian life" for six months. It was the peak of my quarter-life crisis and was inclined to take life as lightly as I could. Boy, did I dig a deep hole in my parent's pocket! I enroled in French and Spanish classes (yes, at the same time!) and took up a film directing class.

Being a cinephile, I became a permanent fixture at the movie theatre and was always in a tizzy at the film festivals. Movies became part of my daily diet, and I dissected them with friends over dinner at night. I was the King of Spontaneity;I gleefully embarked where the wind would take me -- concerts, performance art events, poetry readings, heck, I even attended spirituality seminars. I was a bum who was always on the look out for a good place to eat or a nice party to crash and went on oomp-pah-pah drinkathons with people I just met. On my quiet days, I devoured books and visited museums.

I guess, it was my reaction against a redundant workload and a punishing office schedule. I searched for my niche by exploring all available options. Or maybe I was just young and stupid, and had nothing to lose. But of course, to every great party, "then the morning comes". Fact was I.Had.No.Money and there was the urge to finally give up the title of being my parents' oldest living headache. I cleaned up my act: I looked for a job and am now in a state of happy equilibrium between myself and the universe.

Looking back, "those six months of joblessness" was the most fun, enriching phase of my life. Will I do it again? Not in a heartbeat. Nevertheless it was a great experience to have, at one point in my life, lived totally bohemian.

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